Mobile Is Sort Of Premium

Does premium live on mobile? The answer from the OMMA panel seemed to be a half-hearted “yes” with iCrossing’s Christine Bensen memorably noting that once mobile gets past the back pocket challenge of “butt clicks,” then a serious discussion can begin about premium ads on smartphones. Digitas’ Schlachter sidestepped the question by referring to a lot of experimentation happening in mobile, while Cramer-Krasselt’s Lisa Purpura suggested premium could exist on any platform as long as the ad creative is suitable and meets the campaign objective. Similarly, Allegra Kadet of Neo@Ogilvy said that because mobile is the most intimate media platform it has the potential for more highly contextual, one-to-one messages.

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  1. Matt Cooper from Addroid, September 30, 2014 at 5:30 p.m.

    Most of the industry seems ready to abandon the click yet this one thought leader still wants to hash out the CTR details before she validates mobile as a premium ad view. Hmm.

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