With Real-Time Media, Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow

The modern media ecosystem continues to be one where consumers ask, “What have you done for me lately?”

Media executives, meanwhile, continue talking about “real-time media,” not only in relation to content consumption but to advertising messaging. Few look back. How many times have your recently reread your Facebook newsfeed from a year ago? You’re in real time almost all the time.

TV shows can slip off the radar in no time. Do you need to watch because some producer -- to add a little zip and fun to a flagging series -- decided to do a number of recurring guest arcs with some has-been movie or TV star?

TV used to be all “live.” Now “live TV” is a category among other kinds of programming. What does that say? That in addition to scripted TV, reality TV, scripted TV, you’ll also have “real-time TV.” And maybe “near real-time TV” as well.

A few years ago, much of this might have made more sense when considering buying into Netflix. It had library movies and recently aired TV shows and series. Does anyone wonder why people were watching somewhat dated entertainment fare?



Care to catch up on season one of “24” or “Private Practice”? No problem. As an NBC 1997 marketing line advised viewers: "If you haven't seen it, it's new to you."  

Many shows are still “real,” though not terribly live -- even some live singing/dancing competition shows (especially on the West Coast). You can always suspend media time: Just take off your watch and move your smartphone to another room.

Media executives will have your back -- if not now, then later.

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