Yesmail Lets Marketers Trigger Email Campaigns Using Sports, Real-Time Weather

Yesmail, the email marketing software arm of Yes Lifecycle Marketing, this week announced the launch of “Trigger Intelligence,” a new technology that lets marketers trigger email campaigns in real-time based on real world events.

“Targeted, relevant email communications receive the highest consumer engagement,” stated Jason Warnock, vice president, Intelligence Products. He claimed that with the new “Trigger Intelligence” technology, campaigns saw a 2.5 increase in open rates compared to traditional promotion email, and a two times boost in click rates.

Weather and sports are the two “triggers” used by the new technology. The company is “tightly integrated with Wunderground,” and lets marketers trigger email campaigns based on weather conditions. The sports trigger has similar functionality.

“Getting the consumer’s attention has never been more competitive,” stated Michael Fisher, president of Yes Lifecycle Marketing. “Trigger Intelligence provides marketers with the ability to employ weather conditions and sporting events to setup triggered email campaigns that speak to the consumer’s interest, locations, and immediate environment.”



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