All To Get Her Now

There are light bulb moments, and then there are light bulb moments. For Kat Dudkiewicz, a senior art director at Frequency540, who was briefed with her copywriter partner to develop a new campaign for client Caterpillar Foundation to create a summit drawing a variety of girl power groups under one theme and organizing principle her Big Idea started with a small one: Just bringing them all together. What’s creative about that? Think about the roots of that word -- you know, together: to get her.

"Are there any light bulbs out there," Dudkiewicz asked the audience for OMMA Chicago's "Elastic Canvass" panel discussion.

What do you want to do with her? Make her stronger, of course.

And that’s how the foundation’s “Together Stronger” initiative came, er, together.

Caterpillar Foundation: Together Stronger from Pascal Blais Animation Studio on Vimeo.

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