Adgorithms Launches Self-Serve Version Of Programmatic Platform

As programmatic buying platforms and other forms of automation have taken over the digital ad industry, marketers have attempted to retain a human touch by getting more hands on with the technology, rather than outsourcing all of the work. This has been called the “in-house trend” in the programmatic ad space.

To catch the wave, Adgorithms, a programmatic ad buying platform geared for small- to mid-sized businesses, on Wednesday announced it is launching a software-as-a-service (SaaS) version of its platform. In short, the move is all about giving marketers a self-serve option: ironic because Adgorithms positions itself as an “artificial intelligence” platform but logical because it fits with the industry-wide “in-house trend.”

Or Shani, founder and CEO of Adgorithms, said in a statement that the platform frees up CMOs “to focus on other campaign priorities, such as strategy and creative,” rather than optimization. “[F]rankly, humans weren’t built to process massive amounts of data quickly enough to react to real-time market dynamics,” he stated.

Marketers can use the Adgorithms SaaS platform to manage digital display and mobile ad campaigns, per a release. The self-serve version is available immediately.



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