Soccer: About the ball.. and the fan

Not many sports focus on their specific "ball" their athletes compete with. Soccer is different.

Speaking at the “Marketing: Sports. Soccer in America” event, Liam Hoban, head of sports marketing of soccer of Adidas America, said the company sold 14 million “Brazuca” balls globally during the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

Hoban said the name of the ball was given by Brazilians themselves for the World Cup. “Brazuca” means inherently Brazilian. The ball itself had its own Twitter account, said Hoban, which rapidly grew during the World Cup -- some 600%.

Hoban says Adidas America, a big sponsor of U.S. Major League Soccer, is constantly aware that growing numbers of soccer consumers have a wide ranging number of soccer interests -- the World Cup, the MLS, and other international leagues and matches. It's important to speak on a variety of these subjects. “The fan is more sophisticated, discerning, as well as passionate about their local teams.”

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