Zeotap Raises $1.3 Million, Launches Data Platform

Berlin, Germany-based Zeotap on Tuesday announced the launch of a data platform for mobile advertisers. The platform launch comes on the heels of a $1.3 million seed round led by HitFox Group with participation from other angel investors, per a release.

Zeotap says its platform “extracts, anonymizes and scores” telco data from wireless service providers and works with both supply-side and demand-side platforms to provide additional data for ad trades. The platform provides optimization tools for publishers and SSPs and additional datasets to advertisers and DSPs.

“2015 will be the year of smarter data-driven mobile advertising,” predicted Daniel Heer, co-founder and CEO of Zeotap, in an earlier statement. “From my experience, the carries’ data resources are incredibly valuable and in many ways comparable to those of Google and Facebook. Yet, they are currently underutilized.”



Zeotap claims to be partnered with three large mobile network operators in Europe. The company says it is in discussions with carries in the U.S. and “select Asian countries” as well.

HitFox led the $1.3 million round, and angel investors included Peter Zühlsdorff, former chairman of market research company GfK Group; Andreas Kindt, former board member of T­Online (Deutsche Telekom); Armin Iskander, founder and CEO of a telco consulting company; Stefan Schmitgen, former Senior Partner and MD of McKinsey’s Asia telecoms practice; and Dirk Freytag, former SVP at AOL, among others, acceding to a release. 

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