Marketing Trends And Resolutions

According to the Campaigner Marketing Trends Survey detailing key industry insights and identifying specific areas of focus for 2015, marketers across the board are confident in their strategies with no plans of adaptation to meet the growing technology demands. And, are inclined to invest resources into email marketing, along with the rising popularity of social media as a marketing channel.

EJ McGowan, general manager, Campaigner, notes that “… for marketers to stay up-to-speed… they should regularly monitor consumer reactions to new innovations… adjust strategies accordingly… email will remain a significant investment in overall planning (in 2015)… with added emphasis on the mobile commerce movement…”

According to the report, while technology advancements are increasing, only 10% of respondents believed they would have a definite impact, 36% said they expect no effect, and 39% are unsure and still researching the effects of the new technologies. 87% of respondents believe the m-commerce channel will have little impact on their New Year strategies.

The survey found that email remains to be the best digital channel for marketing ROI in 2014. Over 62% of respondents rank email marketing as one of the top ROI generators, followed by:

  • Social media (26%)
  • SEO (25%)
  • Offline direct marketing (20%)

Number One Email Marketing Priority Going Into 2015


% of Respondents

Higher click-through rates and email interaction


Improved data collection and management


Increased use of email marketing tools to improve results (A/B split testing, email automation, etc.)


A more holistic marketing plan (integrated social, mobile, email, etc.)


Source: Campaigner, December 2014

Respondents aim to leverage the leading ROI producers with 76% planning to invest in email marketing and 33% in social media for 2015, Additional marketing resolutions revealed, says the report, include: 

  • 53% of respondents report that higher click-through rates and email interaction are the number one email marketing priorities for 2015 
  • 20% prioritize a more holistic marketing plan (integrating email with mobile and social components)
  • 41% claim that click-through rates are the most important metric in defining email marketing success, while 38% rely on email opens

The report concludes with a list of New Year Resolutions that all top marketers might wish to follow in order to have their campaigns thrive and produce an ROI enviable by all:

  • Marketers should take advantage of social media and really quantify what they’re getting back by using click-through tracking, email collection and click-through sales among other metrics
  • Marketers should be more concerned that only10% of respondents think technological advances will have a definite impact, and be ready to accommodate tech innovations as they develop, monitoring how they alter consumer interaction with their brands
  • Marketers should expect a wave of m-commerce as mobile emails and websites continue to become more responsive, and the purchasing processes become intuitive and streamlined. Incorporate mobile into 2015 strategies by using responsive design templates and an integrated overall plan
  • Considering that only 14% of respondents are prioritizing improved data collection and management for 2015, marketers should dig into data and gain more valuable insights in order to build a better strategy. Using segmentation and A/B testing to learn from the data will provide the best results to bolster campaigns
  • Targeted emails will prioritize above competitors in the long run, says the report. Marketers should tap into transactional emails, which notoriously show the largest rate of interaction with users to achieve an early advantage with the new advancement

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  1. john kottcamp from Tahzoo, December 15, 2014 at 11:59 a.m.

    While I believe in email marketing and I also don't think technology in and of itself is a reason for changing strategies or priorities, I am somewhat surprised that a majority of respondents are focused on clicks and not measuring conversions.

    Across our industry there are a lot of tactical programs whose success remains siloed. A click through, regardless of whether its from an email, a display ad or a search result, only produces a positive impact for the business if it leads to a conversion.

    The means of measuring all the through the funnel exist. Companies that tie their programs to direct business impact end up being more operationally efficient and produce better results.

    Not to mention being able to directly connect cause and effect makes the CFO and CEO really happy. its what we call producing outcomes, not outputs.

  2. Jack Loechner from Mediapost Communications, December 15, 2014 at 7:26 p.m.

    vis-a-vis your surprise, John.. me too!

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