The Year Ahead (More Or Less)

When you ask your clients to forecast the future -- and tell them you will take both seriousandmirthful responses -- their answers reflect what is fun and interesting about working for a number of different companies. I never know what to expect from day to day, and so my work can be at times pretty unpredictable -- as were their answers about the future. You tell me, who is being serious and who isn't?

David Cooperstein, CMO of Simulmedia: “The AMA will announce that staring at a smartphone screen for more than 20 seconds at a time will burn the retinas of most people. As a result, the TV welcomes back millions of hours of viewing, and Africa ascends in delivering SMS-based service offerings around the globe."

Greig Holbrook, managing director of Oban Digital: "Partly fueled by the massive expansion of shale oil production, the U.S. economy becomes the country to do business in and with. The energy world order shifts away from Russia and The Middle East toward America. As a result, Putin decides that he would rather be a U.S. citizen and applies to be the mayor of L.A., or the governor of New York -- he's not fussy." 



Dave Morgan, CEO of Simulmedia: "In 2015, folks who talk too much about 'ad stack' (with acronyms) will find themselves squeezed off their LUMAscape."

George Simpson, Preceptor of ad tech

AOL and Yahoo will finally get in bed together, but it won't change anything except that Tim Armstrong and Marissa Mayer will wage a battle for the high ground that will make Verdun look like a snowball fight.

Advances in programmatic "science" will successfully monetize every inch of the long tail, but at $00.0000000035 a click. Premium will go for $00.0000000135 a click.

The standard for viewability will finally be agreed upon: whenever the device is turned on.

Retargeting of ads for items you shopped for before Christmas will finally stop in August.

Randy Rothenberg will go back to the New York Times to replace Stuart Elliott and resume the mantle of ad columnist, but will be fired after two weeks of stories celebrating digital ad success. In angst, Randy will gain 15 pounds, but no one will notice.

Digital spending will finally surpass TV spending -- but only because all the broadcast and cable networks will make their programming available online in real-time so they can show full-frontal nudity and violent death. Ratings soar. The upfront becomes either the NewFront or the PeopleFront -- no one is exactly sure.

North Korea is absolved of the Sony hack when it is discovered to be part of an elaborate marketing plan to drive viewers to a poorly reviewed movie destined to bomb at the box office.

A coalition of ad holding companies forms a secret cartel and agrees to ignore pitches from anyone saying "engagement," "funnel" or "right ad, right time, right place."

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  1. George Simpson from George H. Simpson Communications, January 2, 2015 at 10:28 a.m.

    A coalition of ad holding companies forms a secret cartel and agrees to ignore pitches from anyone saying "engagement," "funnel" or "right ad, right time, right place."....or most egregiously "beyond."

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