Two-Thirds Of Mobile App Developers Sell Programmatically

Over two-thirds of mobile app developers (69%) make at least a portion of their inventory available for programmatic buying. Nearly half (46%) sell up to 50% of their inventory via programmatic, while 15% sell more than 75% of their impressions via automation.

The data comes from a recently released report from Millennial Media, a mobile ad firm. Millennial surveyed app developers and publishers in late 2014, and compared the results to the same survey it ran in late 2013.

Nearly all (91%) mobile app developers responded that they use banner ads, while 67% use interstitials. Another 33% use video and 16% currently support native, although Millennial notes native is “gaining in popularity.” Millennial says the number of apps supporting rich media and video ads has increased 6% in the past year.



“In 2015, we’re focusing on building new quality mobile game experiences and de-emphasizing banners in favor of more high quality full-screen interstitials and video ads,” stated Eric Von Coelln, VP of game optimization and monetization at Fresh Planet, a social gaming company. “While the move to RTB has increased our overall revenues with more fill, we’re committed to driving a balance that favors high-quality brand ads over game-driven app install advertising.”

The full report can be found here.

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