Competing With The Super Bowl: Grrr, Meow -- And Boom!

Crazy to think anyone could give serious thought to competing against the Super Bowl -- a 114.4-million-viewer TV monster this year. Yet this past weekend, Animal Planet’s “Puppy Bowl” and Hallmark Channel’s “Kitten Bowl” was alternative content pleasing to some.

The daylong dog show, now in its 11th annual edition, pulled in some 10.4 million viewers  -- though down from 13.5 million viewers a year ago. And the second year of “Kitten Bowl” got to a respectable 1.3 million viewers, up nearly 30% from its first go-around a year ago.

“Puppy Bowl” is a 12-hour marathon event starring 85 dogs from rescue groups and shelters looking for homes.  Hallmark also goes for big numbers and massive cuteness, with the 92 kittens featured ready to be adopted as well.



From the cute and lovable, we move to a more violent part of the entertainment arena. War-themed theatrical movie “American Sniper” picked up another $31.8 million in theatrical revenue during Super Bowl weekend, setting a new record. “American Sniper” is now just under the $250 million mark in U.S. box office receipts.

So you think you've figured out what works against the Super Bowl? Think again.  Before “American Sniper,” the biggest grossing theatrical movie on Super Bowl weekend was a musical concert movie: “Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour,” which pulled in $31.2 million in 2008.

And while music, animals, and some violence-themed content may work, you are always welcome to figure out why the wannabe over-the-top Super Bowl competition -- the Lingerie Bowl, an event featuring women footballers in appropriate game wear -- didn’t score.

Correction:  Referring to yesterday's TV Watch :  NBC says it sold out all its digital live-streaming Super Bowl commercials, and that those messages were a separate load to the traditional TV commercials in the game.

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