Anheuser-Busch Gives Middle Finger to Craft Brewers Who Complained About Its Super Bowl Ad

Forgetting for a moment that Budweiser's Brewed the Hard Way ad actually trashes the brand itself, I've got to hand it to the beer giant for sticking to its guns and not apologizing for the ad which aimed a loaded gun at craft brewers. Too many brands crumble under pressure and give in to the "outrage" expressed by people.

In a statement, Budweiser VP Brian Perkins said, "We are owning who we are without apology. We're delighted to have sparked a conversation around beer. 'Brewed the Hard Way' is Budweiser's way of celebrating being a macro brew: a beer enjoyed by many. The prevailing discourse in beer is that small must be good, and big must be bad. We don't accept that. Lager is one of the most difficult styles to brew well, and we have the highest standards of care to get it right."

Luckily for Budweiser, there are a lot more people out there who like bland, boring beer than those who like interesting and flavorful brews. So for the time being, shrugging off and disowning craft brew lovers isn't really going to put much a dent in Budweiser sales.



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