Thomson Reuters Launches BoardLink App For Big Shots

Are you kind of a big deal? Do you nod knowingly when you hear words like “corporate governance” or “fiduciary duty”? Well, then, Thomson Reuters has an app for you: the new iPhone app version of the business information publisher’s BoardLink service, a secure, collaborative workflow app designed for corporate boards of directors.

What’s that, you say? All board members do is play golf and drink too much at lunch?  Maybe that’s how it was in the old days, but ever since that unfortunate global financial crisis resulting from an egregious lack of oversight, boards of directors are in fact expected to occasionally, like, do stuff. Or at least oversee it. And as Thomson Reuters notes, globalization means that boards for many big companies are increasingly scattered around the world, relying on digital collaboration via mobile devices to stay in touch.

The BoardLink iPhone app gives board members secure access to a variety of corporate and business intelligence information and allows them to stay in touch with fellow members, responding immediately to urgent items, as well as drafting documents with digital signatures. All documents are encrypted for both online and offline review.

The app works with Thomson Reuters’ existing BoardLink app for the iPad, as well as Web versions of BoardLink.

Thomson Reuters noted that a recent governance survey found over half of organizations never or only occasionally encrypt communications by board members, while 43% of directors still use email to send information to board members. Yikes! That’s called “pulling a Sony.”

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