Algorithms Should Optimize Effectiveness, Not Efficiency

Jim Spaeth, partner at Sequent Partners, a brand and media metrics consultancy, contended that algorithms should optimize for effectiveness more so than efficiency because the latter often overlooks creative and context.

He was speaking at OMMA Miami on Monday, which focused on the art and science of digital advertising, during a research presentation titled: “Put Rhythm In Your Algorithm.”

Research Sequent Partners has done found that the creative drives about 70% of advertising’s effectiveness. If programmatic algorithms are too focused on reaching the right person at the right time -- arguably the easiest bits of the “right person, right time, right context” trio -- they may lose sight of the creative. And if the creative doesn’t fit, 70% of the ad’s effectiveness has been nixed, based on Sequent’s research.

Spaeth argues it’s even worse than that: “There’s zero value in running ads that don’t work,” he asserted, “and it happens all the time.”

In other words, it may be efficient to reach the right person at the right time, but if the right message isn’t sent, the ad won’t be effective.

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