How To Rock SXSW: 'Don't Be A Dick'

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- Author and SXSW expert “rocker” Tim Ferriss’ first bit of advice was how to drink properly, meaning how to party at SXSW events without getting a hangover that would prevent you from rocking even more.

Ferriss offered tips that likely transcend overindulging at SXSW, including “eating avocados,” drinking “low-cal” margaritas, and “eating burnt toast.” The latter, he said, is a good substitute for activated charcoal, which is known to help people suffering from hangovers.

Ferriss moved on from alcohol to networking, living up to his books about compressing things into a short period of time (“The 4-Hour Work Week,” for example), giving three simple rules to follow:

“Don’t dismiss people. Don’t be a dick. Don’t rush.”

Ferriss advised not dismissing people you encounter at SXSW, because, he asserted, “Everyone has the potential to get you a cover story in The New York Times.”

Don’t be a dick, he explained, is pretty self-evident.

Don’t rush, was his technique for showing people you know how to listen, he said, adding, that that attendees shouldn’t try to “make an impression.” Leave a memento, instead.

“Your job at SXSW is not to make a bad impression.”

“Play the long game,” he continued, “don’t rush.”

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