SXSW: A Laugh, A Cry, A Wow: What Is Creative Now?

Sometimes data and high tech can elicit the kind sof emotional response a brand wants from the consumer, Marc Sobier, Executive Creative Director, Y&R New York told us at OMMA@SXSW this morning.

He used as an example his own admittedly obsessive playing of the console game Destiny. It shows you a history of all of your interactions, successes, gun use, kills, etc. These bits and pieces can enhance the enjoyment of something the consumer already uses.

The game console data can even give you troubling insights. Sobier recalls how his console told him what game he was playing on his mother’s birthday in 2006. Troubling, perhaps, but the data point made an impression.

“When you try to gain new audiences and align with the mindset of a brand you need to hit them with an emotional message – a laugh, a cry or a wow.”

Data, served in just the right way at just the right time can make an emotional impact. 

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