Big Bambu: Duffy Agency Launches 'Moso' Program Implying Strong, Fast Growth For Clients

The Duffy Agency is launching what it calls the Moso Growth Program, a pay-for-performance operation that provides clients with one point of contact for expertise in international marketing, digital strategy, web development, content and social marketing, search and social advertising, SEO and marketing automation, as well as analytics and reporting globally.

In effect Duffy says it will serve as a fully integrated extension of the client’s marketing department, providing expertise and support in strategic planning, creation of communication materials, and online management of websites, social platforms, search and social advertising and e-commerce stores.

“In theory, the internet allows all brands to market internationally,” said Sean Duffy, CEO, Duffy Agency. “But, in practice, very few mid-size companies have the bandwidth or expertise to succeed outside their home markets. Moso evens the playing field for them.”



Over half of the agency’s compensation with this program is performance-based. Strategic services fees are charged in proportion to the client’s annual revenue. Creative services are provided at cost plus 5%. Online assets and advertising are then managed by the agency for a performance-based fee. This arrangement is designed to put less strain on client cash flow and aligns the financial interests of agency and client, the agency says.

The agency has actually been using this approach for several years but now has decided to make it a more formal program. The Moso Growth Program is named after a species of bamboo that is both the fastest growing and strongest plant within the bamboo family, both attributes Duffy Agency claims are passed along to brands enrolled in their new program.

Founded in 2001, the Swedish-based agency's roster of clients include Alli, Niquitin, and Cavidi.

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