Nativo Adds Real-Time Native Ad A/B Testing To Platform

Nativo, a programmatic native ad platform, on Thursday announced the introduction of new optimization technology to its platform, including the ability for marketers to A/B test creative in real-time.

The optimization engine makes the A/B testing much smarter, faster, and more accurate and requires very little manual input,” the company asserts in a release.

Jim Caruso, VP of product strategy at Varick Media Management, a trading desk that uses Nativo, said in a prepared statement that the new optimization features have led to “massive attention and engagement lift."

Nativo claims that it has seen overall performance of campaigns increase by 80% while beta testing the optimization technology.

It represents another step toward relying on machine-learning algorithms across the board, but there’s still an important human element: Nativo clients will still provide the elements that get A/B tested, including providing the headlines and preview images that the optimization platform will mix and match to find what performs best.



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