Agencies, The MTA Isn't Censoring Your Ads. It's Media Rep Is

We often hear of ads being given the label of "banned" because they are too racy. This happens in all media including New York's MTA. The organization recently banned ads for Bravo's "Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce." Now the organization has banned an ad for Dumbo Moving. And it's actually a favor to Dumbo Moving, as the ad looks like a contraception ad instead of a moving company ad.

That commentary aside, it wasn't actually the MTA that banned the ad. The organization's advertising partner, Outfront Media -- which sells ads for the MTA -- rejected the ad on behalf of the MTA. And the MTA didn't even know the ad was banned until it saw a press release from the moving company getting all pissy about the ban.

As it turns out, Outfront Media does this every once in a while for the MTA, allowing the organization to sidestep controversy. What a swell group, huh?



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