Top-Performing, Must-Watch Video Ads

Here's a breakdown of the some of the latest, greatest video ads out there today:

Better For It
Nike Women
Release Date: April 12, 2015
Facebook Interactions: 26,098
Key Attributes: Female Empowerment, Inspirational

The anthem spot for Nike Women’s biggest initiative to date, “Inner Thoughts,” depicts all the self-doubt that run through a woman’s head when she is exercising — when she sits behind a row of models in spin class, for example — and then how those thoughts are overcome by enjoyment of the exercise itself.

While Nike’s campaigns are often intensely, almost aggressively, inspirational, this campaign’s message is a little softer and more inward-looking. The difference is exemplified in the difference between Nike’s long-running tagline, “Just DO It,” compared with the tag for this campaign, “#betterforit.” But consumers are really connecting with its light-hearted tone — also a departure from recent, much more serious female empowerment campaigns.



A Message to Space
Release Date: April 9, 2015
Facebook Interactions: 90,673
Key Attributes: Stunt, Family, Emotional

Thirteen-year-old Stephanie from Houston misses her dad. He works in a lab on the International Space Station and is gone for long periods of time. So she teams up with Hyundai to write a message big enough that he could see from space.

Hyundai took 11 of its Genesis sedans (fitted with special tires that would dig more and leave more visible tracks) and coordinated their driving patterns to write a note on Nevada's Delamar Dry Lake for Stephanie’s dad.

The adorable and touching story not only drove more than 28 million views in a little more than a week, but it also broke a Guinness World Record for "the largest tire track image," measuring 5.5 square kilometers (or one and a half times the size of Central Park).

Burger King Wedding

Burger King
Release Date: April 8, 2015
Facebook Interactions: 254
Key Attributes: Stunt, Emotional

Joel Burger and Ashley King have been known as Burger-King since fifth grade. So when they announced their engagement this spring, it only made sense that they would do so next to a Burger King sign. Little did they know that the story of their engagement would go viral and catch the attention of the folks over at the fast-food chain.

The video that Burger King (the brand, not the couple) released earlier this month shows the couple talking with spokespeople for the brand. The couple thought that Burger King might provide them with free beer koozies, yo-yos, and mason jars emblazoned with the brand’s logo. Little did they know that the brand would offer to pay for their entire wedding.

Human Statues
Release Date: April 8, 2015
Facebook Interactions: 0
Key Attributes: Stunt, Social Activism, Family

In its latest video, UNICEF Uruguay tries to make the invisible visible. The organization starts a conversation about child abuse by using human statues — the kind you might see in tourist-heavy areas of a city — to depict emotionally charged scenes of abuse.

“Violence against children is everywhere. But people turn a blind eye. It’s hidden behind closed doors. It’s invisible,” explains UNICEF’s #EndViolenceAgainstChildren campaign. By posting the video on its Facebook page, UNICEF is hoping to open that door and break victims’ silence.

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