Hulu Now Simplified Brand-Wise -- But Is It Netflix Competitor?

Subscription video service Hulu Plus will take on a more easily digestible name: Hulu. As such, it will incorporate its sister, also named Hulu, which offered up a limited number of recent TV program episodes for free. The slightly revamped version will cost $7.99 a month.

As Hulu Plus, the service had always been compared with Netflix. But we know that isn’t really accurate. Netflix has no advertising for all its content.

The positive for Hulu is that its TV commercials are limited, as opposed to traditional TV. So what is Hulu now compared to? Maybe a broad-based premium cable network -- especially now that it’s acquiring ever bigger libraries of off-network programming, including “Seinfeld” and AMC network programming.

Hulu has grown its total paid subscribers base by 50% recently, to 9 million. Netflix has almost 40 million.

Netflix continues to lead the charge when it comes to those consumers who don’t want to buy traditional pay TV programming packages -- a key piece for consumers looking to move to OTT-based services.

The question for Hulu -- where does it fit into this new TV business formula? What kind of OTT-brand look will it take on?



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