Agency Creates 'Promposal' For High School Student

Back in the day, asking a date to the prom was pretty basic. You walked up to the girl and you asked. Or you called her. Today, like everything else in life, it's a bigger deal. Everything about prom is a bigger deal. Bigger dresses. Bigger parties. Bigger limos. And, yes, bigger prom proposals or promposals.

Last month, Jed Renfroe, who owns Renfroe Outdoor, was asked by his son if he could use one of the company's digital billboards to post his proposal. Renfroe turned to Watchfire Design creative Spencer Gross who worked up a design that was then added to the rotation of one of Renfroe's digital billboards. 

All of which makes one wonder, as overblown as proms (and weddings) have become, it this billboard thing just another element that steals away the magic and emotion and replaces it with staged pomp and circumstance?



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