Naming Agency That Begged Cannes, CLIO, Pencil to Add 'Verbal Identity' Category Got London International Awards to Do It

That agency that ran an ad in Ad Agepleading to Cannes Lions officials to add a Verbal Identity category, CBX, is high-fiving itself today because the London International Awards has added the category to its 2015 design competition.

Of the decision to add the category, LIA Founder Barbara Levy said: “When I read the ad that CBX took in Advertising Age, although the ad wasn’t directed at us, we realized that LIA needed to take action. As LIA has become one of the most progressive Festivals and continuously works with the industry on what they need changed, we decided that we would respond and work with CBX to award this forgotten category. We immediately got in touch with CBX and partnered with them to define the category so that LIA could add it to our 2015 competition.”

On why ‘Verbal Identity’ is so important, Gregg Lipman, CEO/Managing Partner of CBX, comments: “You will never talk about your brand without using the name. Unlike the tagline or logo, it’s the one touch-point that follows every single interaction with the brand. In written or verbal conversation, the name is always part of the dialogue. Simply put, your brand name follows you wherever you go.”



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