Should Today's Network Exec Be Worried About Tomorrow's Water-Cooler Digital Shows?

Big TV viewing still revolves around well-known brand names: “Big Bang Theory,” “Scandal,” “The Voice,”  and “Modern Family.”  But will they or others translate to digital platforms of the future?

And will the likes of new shows such as CBS’ “Supergirl,” ABC’’s “Quantico,”, NBC’s “Hot and Bothered” or Fox’s “Minority Report” make that grade.

As more shows find their way online from traditional TV networks -- with fresher off-air content, and perhaps original network shows that might even get their start online, network executives will need to focus on two goals: getting TV viewers to watch on their big screens, but also getting them to  watch content on their TV network-owned/distributed digital platforms.

More than other TV networks, cable channels need to find high branded value — a show that can be the next “Breaking Bad” or a “Walking Dead.”



Future TV networks executives want consumers who aren’t just “passive” viewers -- watching traditional TV -- but those who are more active and engaged with digital platforms.

Kevin Reilly, president of TBS and TNT and chief creative officer for Turner Entertainment, knows his network’s shows need to be better honed so viewers will continue to watch while on digital video platforms.

While telling advertising executives at the upfront presentation that Turner is going to double its scripted shows on TNT and TBS in the next three years, Reilly said: “As we expand our portfolio, you should also expect some daring shows -- some which won’t appeal to current viewers but will be a lightening rod to attract new viewers... We are going to be even more adventurous in our programming choices.”

Reilly’s plan makes sense.  In a world of multiple TV/video choices, finding “adventurous” TV stories/programs will be the  best answer for finding loyal new audiences.

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  1. Ed Papazian from Media Dynamics Inc, May 16, 2015 at 3:08 p.m.

    No problemo. Just call up the folks in Hollywood and ask for "adventurous" shows instead of the pap they are now putting out now. This sort of reminds me of the classic remark made by an Internet luminary about a decade ago. He said, getting better TV shows ( for use digitally ) should be no problem. just ask the usual program suppliers for "punch through" shows. Yep, that should do it. Why can't the broadcast TV networks figure it out---it's so simple?

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