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Bronto has teamed up with Apparel Magazine to answer what factors influence online spending, why shoppers abandon their cart and more. By 2016, says the infogram, ecommerce will make up 9% ($327 billion) of $3.8 trillion in U.S. retail sales, and mcommerce will make up 8% ($27 billion) of that 9% in ecommerce sales.

This data-rich information, says the report, offers actionable insight into which devices consumers are using to shop online, and how one can engage with consumers across multiple devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops creating a more seamless online shopping experience.

Web buyers abandon online purchases for reasons of User Experience, Indecision, Technical Issues and Cost:

  • 70% of online shopping carts are abandoned across the web
  • 85% of shoppers find cart reminder emails helpful
  • 61% say cart reminders will get them back on your site
  • 58% of Frequent Shoppers report always or occasionally taking online shopping information into a physical store location
  • 24% of customers would use a wish list option instead of the shopping cart to store items for later
  • 43% would use both the wish list and shopping cart in tandem

Online Shoppers Leave without Paying:

  • 56% Presented with unexpected costs 
  • 37% Just browsing 
  • 36% Found a better price elsewhere 
  • 26% Decided against buying 
  • 25% Website navigation too complicated 
  • 24% Website crashed 
  • 21% Process was taking too long 
  • 18% Excessive payment security checks 
  • 17% Concerns about payment security 
  • 16% Delivery options were unsuitable 
  • 15% Website timed out 
  • 13% Price presented in a foreign currency 
  • 11% Payment was declined

Consumers have become “always-addressable,” meaning that they access the Internet multiple times per day, from multiple devices, in multiple locations.

  • 90% of American adults have a cell phone
  • 58% have a smartphone
  • 42% own a tablet computer

Factors That Contribute More to Customers Spending More on a Website 

  • 42% Range of Payment Methods
  • 53% Better Payment Security
  • 43% Accurate Delivery Dates
  • 49% Better Protection of Personal Info
  • 36% More Customized Offers

Consumers, especially in emerging markets, expect ordering online direct from brand manufacturers to change their shopping process considerably in the next three years. 51% predict that they will spend more money online than in-store.

  • Fashion stands out as the category with a high degree of online momentum
  • Fashion shows an increase of 9 percentage points of consumers having purchased a product in the past 6 months
  • 61% of shoppers shopped online for fashion items in 2014, up from 52% in 2012.
  • All other product categories show growth of only 1% to 2%


48% of shoppers report that they will use stores increasingly as showrooms rather than as purchase destinations


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To view the Infogram from Bronto, please visit here.




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