SMBs Want Digital Marketing Vendors Who Understand Their Organization Goals

According to a study by Thrive Analytics, 40% of US SMBs cited not having enough time as a challenge to digital marketing, 37% pointed to a lack of knowledge, and 33% said their budgets simply weren’t big enough.

Due to spending constraints, the demand for vendors to prove their value is more important than ever, says the report. According to polling by G/O Digital and Entrepreneur, 86% of US SMBs had narrowed their preferred list of digital marketing vendors to just four.

To select a digital marketing vendor that stands out from the competition, price was the most important factor when selecting a digital marketing vendor, cited by nearly one-third of respondents. But SMBs weren’t going to buy unless vendors showed that they understood their organizational needs and goals; a cookie-cutter strategy doesn’t work.

Most Important Vendor Factors For SMBs Selecting A Digital Marketing Vendor (% of Respondents)

Important Consideration

% of Respondents



Understanding organization needs/goals


Delivering on commitments


Post sales support


Insights/leadership digital marketing concepts


Delivering within agreed timeframe


Source: G/O Digital & Entrepreneur, May 2015

When asked how their content consumption habits had changed over the past year, nearly two-thirds of SMBs said they were finding and utilizing more on the web. They had also focused in on trusted and independent sources, with no time to waste on so-so info, says the report.

Ways in Which US SMBs Have Changed Content Consumption


% of Respondents

Finding/utilizing more content on web


Focused on trusted independent sources


Less time devoted to reading and research


Less time attending events like breakfast meetings


Less time and budget to attend industry events


Requiring more mobile optimized content for smartphone/tablet


Overwhelmed by content available


More research thru social networks


Using more vendor content in research


Source: G/O Digital & Entrepreneur, May 2015

The study found that on vendor websites in particular, SMBs looked for depth of content, downloadable product information and premium content such as white papers, among other things. And, they also wanted more than content, with price listings and the option to get a quote are important too.

The report concludes that, with content now king, digital marketing vendors must prove their value through understanding SMBs’ organizational goals and establish themselves as leaders by serving up the content targets want to consume.

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  2. DrNick DeBonis from Ogeechee Technical College - Marketing, June 6, 2015 at 9:56 a.m.

    I have students reading these briefs, and there are probably a number of others, who have no idea what an SMB is or many of the other acronyms used in virtually every post.  I'd recommend that a (definition) of these be provided with the first mention . . . . .    :-{) Nick

  3. Jack Loechner from Mediapost Communications, June 6, 2015 at 12:21 p.m.

    good point, Nick, and I apologize... usually we try to provide the complete definition for an acronym but certainly missed on this one... glad you knew what a small business is, and I'll watch out for these misses in the future.. jack

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