Agency Launches Social-Focused Training Program For Young Designers

Atlanta-based design firm Orange Sparkle Ball (love that name) has announced the launch of Spark Corps, a non-profit program which aims to offer young designers an intensive apprenticeship in design thinking as a means of approaching the world's social problems, as well as general training students will need in the cut throat world of professional design work. 

Spark Corps residencies, offered to graduate students or recent graduates in design, are two months long and require Corps members to work on projects for non-profit clients, from inception to execution. Corps members will receive training and mentorship in project and client management, presentation and problem-solving skills, and design fundamentals.   

Each Corps member will oversee a project of their own, while working with other members to execute all projects. Partner institutions will work with Corps members to outline their project needs and their success measurements. Each project will be assessed on delivery and in a six month follow up assessment to determine long-term success of the project. Yes, follow-up to determine whether or not the work actually, well, worked.

The first class of Corps members were hand selected through interviews and consultations. Future Corps members will be selected through recommendation or through an online application. 

Of the program, Spark Corps Founder Meaghan Kennedy said: “Young designers rarely get the opportunity to develop their skills on real world projects. Spark Corps is dedicated to give designers the chance to work with important organizations in addressing their needs while learning the rigorous thinking that leads to long-term success. This will be an intense two months, but successful Corps members will graduate prepared for any design workplace.” 

The first Spark Corps projects include Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA), Atlanta’s public transit system. Corps members have been tasked with developing an identity campaign for the MARTA Army, a guerrilla group created to support MARTA ridership



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