Yahoo's BrightRoll Plugs Into Equinix's Hong Kong Data Center

Yahoo’s programmatic video ad platform, BrightRoll, has expanded into the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region by way of plugging into Equinix’s Hong Kong data center. The move makes BrightRoll’s marketplace available to APAC marketers, per a release, giving advertisers in the region new inventory to buy and publishers more demand to monetize.

By integrating with Equinix’s Hong Kong hub, BrightRoll continues its expansion eastward. The new data center in APAC expands upon the company’s positioning in the U.S. and UK, stated Tod Sacerdoti, CEO of BrightRoll. The move also enables BrightRoll clients to run more global campaigns.

By having the brains behind its marketplace -- the data -- physically closer to APAC marketers, BrightRoll says both advertisers and publishers will experience lower latency. BrightRoll claims latency rates will be reduced by 50% for APAC marketers once the company’s marketplace is fully connected to the Equinix data center in Hong Kong.

While Real-Time Daily can't confirm whether or not marketers will see a 50% boost in trading speed, it's not some outlandish claim. Physical proximity to data infrastructure matters.

BrightRoll and Equinix have worked together in the past. In fact, over two years ago the companies rolled out a combined product named Video RTB+ meant to make real-time bidding (RTB) event faster. The two companies found then that even milliseconds of lag would lead to an average of 8-10% of bid opportunities slipping away.

That's one of the main reasons behind BrightRoll's move to plug into the Hong Kong data center -- that and the fact it brings new inventory to the market.

AudienceScience is among the ad tech platforms that are taking advantage of BrightRoll’s increased APAC presence.

“AudienceScience is seeing a huge increase in demand in Asian markets and we’ve integrated with the BrightRoll Marketplace to execute multi-screen video ad buys in real-time in the region,” stated Jeff Hochberg, vice president of business development at AudienceScience.

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