Pinterest Unveils Marketing Developer Partners

Pinterest is ramping up its advertising offerings through partnerships with a number of marketing develop partners (MDPs), who will help ad clients optimize and scale up their campaigns using Pinterest’s Ads API. After announcing the program last month, the image-centric social network for enthusiasts has named the official MDPs as well as some of their launch clients.

The list of Pinterest MDPs includes 4C, Adaptly, Ampush, Brand Networks, HYFN, Kinetic Social, SocialCode, and SocialFlow. All the partners were involved in a beta test with Pinterest, using their platforms on behalf of a limited number of advertising clients over the last few months.

Pinterest and the MDPs also cited some early successes scored by advertising clients: for example Adore Me, a lingerie brand, increased its revenue from Pinterest referrals by 4,000% working with 4C. Meanwhile Kinetic Social and agency Heat have helped Teva reach consumers through Promoted Pins, according to Heat social media manager Kirby Todd, who cited its ability to gather intelligence about consumer preferences on the platform, among other goals.



Adaptly also touted the advantages of its particular platform, which allows advertisers to create and edit multiple pins and campaigns at scale, as well as discover, create and optimize keyword terms in high volume. Some early users of Adaptly’s Pinterest services included King’s Hawaiian, Framebridge, and WedPics, as well as agencies like The Richards Group.

By helping advertisers adopt and scale up their Pinterest campaigns, the MDPs will also help Pinterest grapple with one of its biggest challenges -- raising ad revenue. While popular with consumers, Pinterest’s efforts to boost its ad business have run into difficulties. Earlier this month Pinterest ad boss Joanne Bradford left the company, following the departure of its head of operations, Don Faul, back in February. Pinterest also introduced a “Buy” button earlier this month, signaling a move into e-commerce.

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