Jane Lynch Wrote, Stars In New Vita Coco Video Series

Jane Lynch, by far best known as an actress, also has many other accomplishments on her resume. For example, she wrote (and performed in) an award-winning play, "Oh Sister, My Sister," originally produced in 1998.

So perhaps it shouldn't be that surprising that the "Glee" and "40 Year Old Virgin" star is credited with having written and been the "creative director" for a new series of Vita Coco videos in which she also stars. 

The videos are an extension of an umbrella campaign launched in June, "Stupidly Simple." The campaign's concept, from Saatchi & Saatchi NY, features taglines like "It's water. From a coconut," "Our plant is a plant," and "Our recipe is 15,000,000 years old. Roughly." 

In the new videos, Lynch displays her trademark acerbic wit and edgy persona in several scenarios that demonstrate the obvious: Drinking Vita Coco spares one the trouble of carrying around coconuts in order to enjoy coconut water while at the airport, running, driving, and so forth. 



Lynch is shown trying to smuggle coconuts through airport security, tripping up other marathon runners as she drinks out of a coconut, trying to jam a coconut into her car's cup holder, and trying to suck milk out of coconut while being grilled on the stand during a trial. Luckily, a sidekick who's handy with a machete pops up to hand her bottles of Vita Coco at these awkward moments.

The videos are being featured on Vita Coco's own social media channels. They will also be running on Tremor, Viacom (Comedy Central, Spike TV, MTV/MTV2), YuMe, Hulu, Vice, The Huffington Post/AOL Network, Spotify and the Gawker Network.

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