Video Users Want Multi-Device Options

New digital/over-the-top video consumers want a wide number of choices to consider when it comes to how many devices they can use. But is that enough for OTT platforms to succeed?

Parks Associates says almost one-half of video consumers want to be able to use four or more devices to access over-the-top video content. About 25% say they just need one device, with lessor consumers wanting two devices and/or one device.

But even then there are other considerations. The study says: “With so many players joining the market, interesting content and widespread availability alone may not be enough to guarantee survival.”

Parks Associates 36% download OTT apps just from the description in the app store; 38% download because of user reviews/ratings.

Research says over 900 million worldwide consumers currently access TV programming and movies, which will rise to 1.3 billion video viewers in 2019.

When it comes to reasons consumers choose OTT/subscription video on demand service, the study says consumers rates Hulu Plus over Amazon Prime and Netflix when it comes to “specific titles available.” But when it comes to pure size of a video library the big Netflix is still No. 1 over Amazon Prime and Hulu Plus.



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