Facebook Tests 'Watch Later' Button, Doubles As DVR

Further positioning itself as a DVR for Web content, Facebook is testing a “Watch Later” button on select desktop videos.

The experiment comes a year after the social giant debuted Save -- a feature that lets users save any type of content they find in their News Feed. Given Facebook’s immense size, the DVR-like options clearly threatens many ontent platforms from YouTube to Instapaper.

What users save is not immediately shared with “friends,” but he feature does offer that option. Users’ Saved items list is organized by category for easy storing and sharing. The feature also sends occasional reminders of users’ saved items.

Save was co-developed by a small team of engineers that Facebook hired in 2012. They had previously built Spool -- a free Google Android and Apple iOS app for smartphones and tablets that let user save Web content for later viewing.

More broadly, Facebook’s video fortunes continue to rise. In June, video ads captured their highest share of Facebook ad spend ever (22%) observed by Nanigans, according to recent findings from the Facebook-focused ad company.

Video continues to attract greater portions of Facebook ad spend, with video enabled units accounting for 16% of total spend in the second quarter 2015 -- up nearly one-fourth from 13% in the first quarter of the year.

The Nanigans report was representative of Facebook ad impressions delivered by customers leveraging its ad automation software. It included ad spend on both Facebook desktop and Facebook mobile and excludes Facebook Exchange.

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