Winning The Multi-Screen Branding Game

From tech titans to media giants, who's got an edge when it comes to multi-screen branding? Experts at OMMA Los Angeles, on Tuesday, agreed to disagree.


Studios and other big content producers definitely have the upper hand, said Jason Gaboriau, EVP and Executive Creative Director at Doner LA. Content remains king, so the kingdom belongs to “content provider,” Gaboriau said.


Naseem Sayani, VP of Business Strategy at Huge L.A., couldn’t disagree more. It’s the technology companies who are winning the multi-screen branding game, because “they own the platforms,” she said. To boot, “The live in dual screen world.”


To a lesser degree, Sayani said retailers focused on the dual-screen experience -- and Target in particular -- are distinguishing themselves when it comes to multi-screen branding.

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