Who is doing brand storytelling well? Hard to tell sometimes.

Speaking at the OMMA Los Angeles, during the panel called "Multi-Screen Branding: Big Idea Meets Big Tech”, executives say success can be hard to pin down when it comes to brand storytelling.

Tim Leake, senior vp of growth & innovation for RPA say “it’s difffciult to see who is doing it well because it’s so personalized.” For example, Leake says some marketers make the mistake of being on too many channels -- and that can be a problem. “People want to be everywhere."

Arthur Chan, executive vp of digital marketing for Palisades MediaGroup says you see a “lot of fails in this space... there are a lot of cooks in the kitchen.”

That said panelists believe movie studios generally seem to do better because they create their own content. That said some retailers such as Target have also seen success, says Naseem Sayani, vp of business strategy, Huge L.A.

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