Immersive story-telling results: Patience, patience

Looking for that immediate response from entertainment/immensive media experiences? Hold on a second. Actually, make that around seven months.

Speaking at OMMA Art & Science, Robert Brown, senior manager of interactive marketing of Nissan North America, says this was apparent for its special campaign/experience called  “Meet The Machines” -- started during this year’s Super Bowl.

Nissan built a big experience around a special race car, the Le Mans Prototype 1, that were released on a number of channels. But from all of this, says Brown: “We didn’t get the web form lead generation we wanted -- only 2% to 3%.” Web form generation is a key tangible element of value for the car industry.

But when looking through lens of longer timing 50% of consumers were interested seven months after the initial experience and the 90-second Super Bowl commercial ran.

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