Want To End Fraud? Just Stop Buying Exchanges That Perpetuate It

That is the solution Magnetic’s CEO suggested to OMMA Art & Science attendees this morning during a “fraud” panel discussion. In fact, he called on the industry to rally against bad apple exchanges and to throw their support to the good ones.

“All exchanges are not created equal,” Green asserted, saying that it is pretty easy to identify which exchanges perpetuate bot fraud simply by utilizing one of the big fraud verification solutions -- companies like Moat, Double Verify and AIS -- and use that to benchmark which exchanges index the highest.

“Go to those exchanges that are worse and refuse to pay,” Green demanded.

While he would not “call out” any of the worst offenders, he did single out one of the best players, in his assessment.

“The guy who is doing it the best is Google,” Green shared. “We see less fraud and activity on Google’s ad exchange than anyone else.”
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