Epsilon, Klout Bring Social Data to Email Marketing

Email marketing platform Epsilon is bringing social media data to email targeting through a partnership with Lithium’s Klout, which measures social media users’ online influence, the companies announced this week. Under the terms of the deal, Epsilon customers will be able to use the Epsilon Social Media Tool to mine Klout’s vast social database for insights to make email marketing messages more precise and effective.

Epsilon will work with a third company, Full Contact, to match email addresses with Twitter profiles. The matching process will allow them to measure social media activity within an email list, according to VentureBeat, to gather insights into consumer sentiment and trending topics. Using the Twitter handles, Epsilon and Klout will integrate consumer Klout scores with Epsilon’s Email Activity Scores. Lithium-Klout will also track social media feeds from Facebook and Instagram.

This should give marketers a better picture of how consumers are communicating across these channels. Epsilon’s Strategic Initiatives Group will work with marketers to help them leverage these insights, according to CMSWire.



Currently the service is focused on consumer intelligence gathering in aggregate, and doesn’t offer the ability to target emails to individuals based on their social activity -- but the partners could expand the service to include that capability at some point, VB reports.

Back in June, Lithium unveiled a suite of new products to help brands analyze and manage social media, with an eye to more effectively integrating social interactions and information into the company’s broader enterprise. That includes customer relationship management and strategic marketing decisions.

The new “Total Community” service offers an integrated profile that shows the activity and characteristics of social media users across a range of platforms, including their interests, areas of expertise and interactions.

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