Agency Created 8-Bit Video Game to Train Its Interns

Ottawa-based agency McMillan, in an effort to more swiftly, smoothly and enjoyably train its interns, created an 8-bit game called Interns.

The object of the game is simple enough; wander around the office responding to clues to collect and develop 10 kick ass ideas for a client presentation as well as helping a co-worker stop watching cat video, getting another a drink and learning the fine art of the creative power nap. Oh and a directive to stop surfing AdFreak for creative ideas.

The site welcomes interns with a statement that reads, "Congratulations, you're going to be interning at the McMillan creative agency. Overcome the distraction of cute pets and conquer the temptation of free alcohol to uncover the best creative ideas and establish yourself as a rising star. But remember: you're not getting paid so don’t work too hard."

Now who said working as an intern in an ad agency wasn't fun?



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