Netmining, Target Data Team To Target 'Pre-Mover' Audience Segment

Programmatic ad platform Netmining on Monday announced it has partnered with Target Data, an audience targeting platform. The partnership will provide Netmining clients with access to some of Target Data’s audience segments, including some exclusive segments, per a release.

Specifically, the partnership gives Netmining clients access to “pre-mover” profiles -- e.g. consumers that are in the process of moving. Target Data combs through new home listings via print and online channels to create the segments, per a release. 

The partnership is an example of how programmatic ad technologies are being used to target hyper-specific audiences.

The companies assert that the data segments include data on age, HHI, household composition, home value and more. And as this data is collected in real-time, Netmining asserts that marketers can begin targeting these “pre-movers” “as soon as they list their homes on the market.”



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