Scupper ye, Autocorrect! Aspect Tries 'Text Like a Pirate Day'

Fewer and fewer people are using their phones for talking any more. Pirates are likely no different. Indeed, set in the modern times, Capt. Jack Sparrow would just as likely text Davy Jones as give him a ring.

As “Talk like a pirate” day approaches on Sept. 19, automated customer communications company Aspect Software is looking to inject a little more fun into the day, encouraging people to not just talk by “Text like a pirate” that day. 

“We’re constantly looking to demonstrate our capabilities that are tied to a strong point of view, which is, ‘Text is the new talk,’” James Freeze, Aspect’s CMO, tells Marketing Daily. “It’s not just Millennials anymore. Everyone likes [texting]. It’s a very efficient way to communicate.”



Freeze cites the company’s proprietary research that consumers would drastically increase their use of text and chat to contact companies if the process were easier. “Consumers would very much prefer to use text, SMS and messaging apps to get customer support,” he says. 

For Saturday, Sept. 19, Aspect is showing off its system by encouraging customers to text a pirate-themed message (‘Sail Ho’) to a designated number (407-902-2226). They will then receive a text back with their special pirate name and options to receive an automated call (with a pirate joke) or share their names on Twitter. 

“We’re really trying to demonstrate the power of text as a vehicles for interactions with customers,” Freeze says. “It’s demonstrating the omnichannel experience.”

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