Space-Time Insight Provides Real-Time Streaming Analytics To Transform Data

Space-Time Insight announced a new version of its real-time visual analytics software suite, SI Suite 6.0. The situational intelligence solutions company says the suite now provides real-time analytics for the Internet of Things.

Steve Ehrlich, SVP of marketing and product management at Space-Time Insight, stated that the flood of data from the Internet of Things makes it difficult for organizations to make accurate and timely decisions.

Ehrlich said the SI Suite 6.0 addresses those challenges, by revealing “the what, where, when, why and how of every asset and situation, bridging organizational silos, and focusing business initiatives on the issues that matter.”

The SI suite uses Spark Streaming,  an extension from Apache of the core Spark API that integrates real-time data from different event streams, to process the volumes of high-speed data for IoT and operational systems, giving organizations more time to act on time-critical events.



Key features of the new suite include an ability to rapidly transform data into visual analytics applications. The software allows users to select data from sources, apply the analytics model and choose a visual presentation format, facilitating collaboration between developers, data scientists, business analysts and business users.

Space-Time Insight’s SI Suite 6.0 also features advanced analytics paired with data presentation formats, such as maps, charts and diagrams.

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