MMA Offers Mobile Native Ad Guidelines To Aid Success

The Mobile Marketing Association released its recommendations for mobile native advertising best practices today.

For publishers looking to make ads on their apps and platforms seem like a part of the experience, the guidelines identify four different elements that a native ad must have in order to be successful -- including relevance, disclosure, placements and persistence.

Relevance means that ads must look and feel right on publisher platforms and get delivered to the right audience based on the available data. They also can’t trick a consumer into thinking it’s not an advertiser. Negative experiences with native ads can damage a brand.

Advertisers also need to think about relevance in terms of identifying the right context for their campaigns, as well as the level of interest an ad can pull with good copy. Agility and awareness to jump on trends and news, measuring both direct and indirect responses to the ad  most important to a marketer’s campaign, are also key considerations for advertisers.



Native advertising is still a relatively new beast. Social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram -- as well as content producers like BuzzFeed and even Forbes -- all host sponsored content and advertisements on their platforms.

Native ads need to "feel right" for both advertisers and publishers. On mobile, it may seem the only way to get an ad viewed is to make it native. Yet various publishers and advertisers have all, for the most part, had their own best practices for native ads.

The best practices outlined in the document were created with input from a committee made up of members including EA, Foursquare, Google/Waze, InMobi, Pinterest, PubNative, Sharethrough and Yahoo.

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