Kargo, Celtra Offer Vertical Video To Premium Publishers

Kargo, the mobile ad company, and Celtra, the display and video ad company, are teaming up for a vertical video offering aimed at premium publishers on Kargo’s invite-only mobile brand marketplace.

Through Kargo’s proprietary technology, Celtra’s short-form vertical videos can be embedded on publishers’ properties.

 Vertical video—which has been viewed as amateurish and unsightly by some—has recently been buzzed about as the next “it” format for mobile.

With Snapchat confirming that the vertical-video platform gets 6 billion daily views, it’s clear why publishers and brands are taking the format more seriously.



Celtra and Kargo’s reasoning behind the new marketplace is that mobile users aren’t getting the best experience; the videos served are in-stream and not designed for mobile.

The new marketplace would change that by providing platform-specific inventory, including full-screen HD and short-form video experiences that load and play automatically. Using portrait-style video and other tech, ad experiences will be tailored to mobile video consumption.

“It is becoming obvious that users aren't willing to tolerate poor advertising user experiences on mobile," stated Mihael Mikek, Celtra CEO and co-founder, adding that the partnership will offer an “unmatched, scalable combination in the market” for solutions that “really move the needle.”
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