New SpotX Product Packages Similar Videos From Different Publishers

Video inventory management platform SpotX introduced a new product called “Curated Marketplaces” that packages similar videos from multiple publishers. 

Curated Marketplaces can group by context, such as device, demographic and performance, such as viewability rates or custom criteria. The buyer then sees a marketplace grouped by a Deal ID, or the unique number of an ad buy.

The product combines benefits of private marketplaces, such as supplier transparency and safety, with the scale of the open market, said Alex Merwin, VP, global programmatic demand at SpotX.

Merwin compared the bulk media buying process to that of a consumer package goods company that needs to find the least expensive boxes with limited breakage.



Likewise, media buyers are always trying to keep costs down, so they use bulk upfront buys, which traditionally have come with operational challenges.

Last week, SpotX launched a software development kit (SDK) for Apple’s new connected TV system, tvOS.

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