Viadeo Selects Turn To Target Members

Paris-based professional social network Viadeo selected Turn to help advertisers with their profiling and targeting efforts. 

Viadeo, which offers recruitment activities and advertising on its site, approached the ad tech provider with a few challenges, said Richard Robinson, managing director and VP-EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa) at Turn. Viadeo wanted to make better use of information on its members to target them. The goal is to provide a better experience in terms of ads and promotions consumers see,  Robinson said. 

As an example of what Turn and Viadeo will do together, Robinson mentioned Viadeo’s free membership option. When consumers first peruse job offers with a free membership, they’re giving a signal they might switch into a job-seeking mode. “That’s interesting to [Viadeo], and it’s powerful,” Robinson said. “You can use that data to offer a more bespoke experience on the site and help target an individual to upgrade their current package.”



Turn’s DMP is able to consolidate data from Viadeo’s audience in one place, Robinson said, offering real-time data on who the site's audience is and what they’re interested in. With Turn, he added, Viadeo can better segment and profile its audience, taking data from the DMP and DSP to make sure the audience is receiving customized ads.

Robinson joined Turn this year from Google. Viadeo has 65 million members worldwide and 10 million members in France.

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