Codewise And Digital Element Partner For Real-Time Ad Tracking

Poland-based marketing tech company Codewise has selected Digital Element to improve its real-time analytics capabilities, as well as the accuracy of traffic delivery and tracking.

Digital Element, a division of media company Digital Envoy, has a proprietary tech suite called NetAcuity Solutions that targets based on postcodes, connection type, Internet Service Provider (ISP), mobile carrier, domain name, company name and others. The company claims NetAcuity collects more than one million points-of-view daily. 

Codewise, a provider of traffic and tracking tools for marketers, will use Digital Element’s NetAcuity Edge solution for two of its (Codewise's) products: Zeropark, an ad exchange, and Voluum, an analytics platform. (Corrected from an earlier version of this article.)



For Voluum, which already uses Digital Element to provide some specifics, the tech will yield better insight into ad campaign success by adding location and ISP data to real-time ad performance analysis. And for Zeropark, Digital Element’s tech will find consumer location and other variables so clients can purchase inventory in a more targeted way.

In an email to Real-Time Daily, Kate Owen, VP--Northern Europe, Digital Element, said the partnership with Codewise is testament to the hard work Digital Element puts in to ensure data is as accurate as possible.

Digital Element is based in Norcross, Ga., with clients including Microsoft, Adform, Weborama, Ströer, Vibrant Media, MediaMath, TheADEX, Cxense, Crimtan, Infectious Media, Webtrekk, eXelate, Mashero and InSkin Media.

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