Jeremiah Was An Email Marketer

There were a couple of unusual things about the start of the Email Marketing Insider Summit in Park City, UT, this morning. One was who opened it -- Gord Hotchkiss, who is better known for his role as a Search Marketing Insider, and more recently vis a vis MediaPost’s Online Spin Board. The second, was the musical accompaniment he used to open the introductory remarks.

“Jeremiah was a bullfrog… Was a good friend of mine… I never understood a single word he said… But I helped him a-drink his wine… And he always had some mighty fine wine.”

Those lyrics, of course, were from 70s rock band Three Dog Night’s “Joy To The World,” but what was the connection to the world of email marketing?

“That was the No. 1 song in 1971,” Hotchkiss explained, inquiring, “Is that significant to anyone?”

No answer, so Hotchkiss explained, “It was the year the very first email was sent. It was a very long time ago and we’re still talking about it.”

As for why a “search guy” like Hotchkiss was the one talking about it, well, he said it was because the lines between digital channels have gotten so blurry that it’s become hard for any digital channel to “keep it in its channel.” That plus MediaPost chief Ken Fadner asked him to host the summit.

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