BlockIQ's BlockBypass Aims To Recapture Lost Ad Dollars

Ad-tech company BlockIQ has launched BlockBypass, a system that the company claims allows a site to serve ads to users running AdBlock. 

BlockIQ's site says publishers can use BlockBypass to protect their content from blockers, as well as "recapture the ad revenue [they] deserve."

“If ad blocking continues unchecked, it will eliminate the advertising revenue Web sites need to survive,” Justin Bunnell, CEO of BlockIQ, stated in a release.

The software works like this: a visitor’s AdBlock is detected, then a message comes up “explaining the value of the website and the damage inflicted to the website and community from ad blocking,” according to the company. The BlockIQ Passwall system keeps content behind a wall until AdBlock is turned off.

Publishers can also choose to circumvent a visitor's Adblock altogether and serve them ads, depending on their preference.

BlockIQ is based in Culver City, Calif., and owned by AdSupply.



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