Rubicon Project Partners With Digital Media Services For Middle East Presence

The Rubicon Project on Monday announced that it has partnered with Digital Media Services (DMS), a digital unit of Choueri Group, a media rep house in the Middle East. The partnership expands Rubicon's global presence and enables it to reach more than 120 million consumerin the Middle East, the company said in a release.

DMS represents premium international and regional publishers, along with handpicked small-to-medium sized publishers and start-ups. The company’s portfolio has a reach of more than 120 million unique browsers in the Middle East, covering large audiences across key verticals. Rubicon's programmatic marketplace will deliver mobile, display and video inventory for advertisers throughout MENA (Middle East and North Africa).    

“DMS brings advertisers access to rich content spanning three continents, and our partnership is a clear indication of the potential for growth of digital advertising throughout the region," stated Julien Gardès, Rubicon project managing director for Southern Europe and MENA, in a release.

DMS is headquartered in Dubai and has presence throughout the region. Choueiri Group’s companies market and manage the advertising space for digital, TV, print, out-of-home, radio and other media platforms.

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