Maurice Levy Delivers Traditional Publicis Holiday Video In Series of Fake Ads

Maurice Levy, ever the dry comedian and the man who can be seen each December in the year-end Publicis video which sums up the agency's performance during the year, has one-upped himself this year. Instead of the droll boring video which even he admits people don't watch, he offers up something very different. And very timely. 

The video begins as it normally would but then presents the viewer the option to skip his video and watch some ads instead. Sort of like, you know, people who want to skip ads and watch the content. Brilliant. And super funny. 

Levy can be seen delivering actual Publicis points of performance in hilarious fake yogurt, washing detergent, shampoo and toothpaste ads. The shampoo ad is, by far, the best with Levy appearing as a very Fabio-esque character complete with flowing locks of hair. He even pops out of a sink in a dish soap ad.



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